Does Your 1st Party Experience Have Cash Value?

Your 1st Party Claimed Experience Could Have Added Value          

Let us review the first-party experience you've had?  We offer free searches for cash value for your 1st party experience(s). Often there are private and public sources seeking the claims you’ve had. Advocacy groups, public administrators, victims and researchers that participate with the network. Contact us at:  -or- 313 742-6018 and you can get an assessment review of your claim 24/7

Section 3
Experience with living in Detroit and having your home water cut for for non-payment in 2018.
Experience being an individual at a restaurant where the police were called to address you or a person with you.  
Experience with having a Contaminated Food claim regarding Tim Horton's.

Section 2
Experience with being a police informant for local, state or federal agencies.
Experience with getting research and analysis from your city of Detroit council person.
Experience with being a litigant in pro per in a Wayne County 3rd circuit court.
Experience with being a property owner or renter in Detroit.
Experience with being an illegal immigrant resident in the 13th congressional district.
Experience witnessing an L.A. County Deputy abusing an individual.
Experience with being recruited for anti-social attacks on innocent person(s).
Experience with being jailed due to prosecutorial misconduct.
Experience with being treated unfairly by an elected judge.
Experience with being lied on by a Michigan police in Michigan.
Experience with being recruited for being an accomplice in illegal dumping.

Section 1
Experience as a guardian of a missing mentally Ill person(s) in Wayne County Michigan.
Experience being impacted by the 4-year cap on state paid financial assistance in MI-after Oct-2011.
Experience with using Intro-Vitro fertilization.
Experience with being stopped by an abusive police.
Experience with in neighborhood bullying and intimidation.
Experience with being bullied or intimidated on social media by fellow students. 
Experience with being a Michigan in-home help worker for a senior or handicapped person, after 2014.

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